a gift for you...

on my birthday...

sand art

this website is so therapeutic and transfixing. its sand art for your computer. if you need mindless therapy, please indulge.

also, i love overheard in new york..... and wednesdays are the best for the one liners:

Hobo: Okay, you know the drill. I'm hungry, give me money so I can buy breakfast. (nobody does) Alright, if you don't want to give any money, if you're reasonably attractive, hug a brotha! That works too.

(the hobos are apparently very clever in nyc)

and for a bonus:
Blonde #1: So what exactly is in a piƱa colada?
Blonde #2: It's pineapple, coconut, and, um...lada.

recap of my 24th bday: worked and then class until 8pm. thats it. whooo!

jackson pollock and i share the same birthday; two mildly creative people claiming to be artists.

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