i need this

i need a day to relax in this area. im kind of obsessed with outdoor sitting spaces right now. im planning on making our little porch awesome. right now, its lacking.

anyway, a kid in one of my gymnastic classes that i teach broke her arm yesterday. i am still thoroughly disturbed by it. i thought she just twisted her wrist because they were only doing cartwheels. then she moved her hand..... and yep, definitely broken. shes so tiny too. i had to leave work early because on top of the event i am sick and that just exacerbated my condition. i sent her a glinda the good witch card and some fun heart stickers. oh, and i had to write a paper last night.
yay me!

ok, now class....

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Kellie said...

Mollie...I am so sorry that happened to you. Who breaks their arm doing a cartwheel...wait, didn't you? You did a no handed cartwheel, though. Anyway, gymnastics is bound to bring some broken bones, so don't worry about it too much.