wicked wednesday

events of yesterday:

- called adobe's customer service (irritation level: elevated)

- went to work with preschoolers; shedevil little girl scratches me and tries to break my leg (irritation level: medium/high)

- read for class; rushed for time (irritation level: elevated)

- went to class; lasted the whole time from 5:30 to 8; starving (irritation level: elevated)

- had to go to publix because i didnt have food; bought milk for cereal (irritation level: elevated)

- poured a big bowl of cereal (the middle to end of the box where all the good stuff is) and topped it off with brand new milk (irritation level: low)

- brand new milk was SOUR (irritation level: intense high)

so, i over self medicated with ice cream.

side note: cereal is crunchy before milk, then it gets soggy with milk, then it dries to the bowl like concrete. how is that possible??


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