every small town has one

a couple of weeks ago i discovered a gem; a gem on hbo called "eastbound & down." greg and i started watching it not knowing what it was. we ended up watching three episodes in a row. it is by far the funniest show on tv.

it is about this small town hero (kenny powers) that goes on to play baseball for the atlanta braves and ends up having to go to rehab and now is back in his hometown in north carolina teaching at his old high school. will farrel is a producer and has a minor character on the show. so you know its hilarious.

this show is most appropriate for us small towners (defuniak, adel, cheraw, patrick, etc...) but the humor is universal. please enjoy here & here. there are more videos on youtube but it is hbo so they may not be work appropriate.

dont be lazy, dont be crazy watch eastbound & down

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