painting with crayons

the other night, greg and i went to see the panel discussion of uab's 2009 visiting artist, john bankston. these are the things that i learned:

1. queer (as in queer theory) is the academic word for homosexual/gay
2. there are freaky people in san francisco
3. the guy sitting in front of me likes to say "queer" and "golden shower" ... a lot

things i wanted to know:

1. why didnt he just use crayons instead of painting like how a crayon colors?
2. was his inspiration from the show zoobilee zoo? particularly, mayor ben (he's the cheetah)?
3. why is the guy in front of me fixated on the "golden shower?" because i dont think he's a leprechaun.

some questions remain unanswered. yay for academics.

ps. if you dont know what a "golden shower" is in "queer" culture, then you dont want to know.

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