spring break was a bust

this week was my "spring break." i did all sorts of fun things like going to the dentist, homework, and working everyday! yes, everyday! boy, did i have some fun!

in between all the fun, i found somethings that i want to pursue. first, i want this bed/room/natural light:

it makes me want to be at the beach and stay in bed all day all at once. this is the perfect bed for me.

second, i want plants. a lot of plants. im glad its spring and things are going to be green again. so, to help speed this process, im going to plant some succulents. apparently they are easy to take care of and i think they look pretty neat too.

and finally, i want to see this movie. its the new garden state/elizabethtown. i love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel who are the main characters.

spring break is for boring people.

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