those crazy artists...

from time to time, greg and i like to get random documentaries. we have watched documentaries on obscure song writers, art, religion, and the beatles. so, the other day, we watched one titled keep the river on your right: a modern cannibal tale. basically it was about this artist, tobias scheenbaum , who wandered off in peru and got caught up with some head hunting tribe. he lived with them for seven months and ate a piece of "human flesh" one time. i dont think it ever told how he got away, but he did some how. he then became interested in anthropology and went and lived with another tribe, the asmat, in indonesia. there he lived for a period of time and participated in all aspects of life.... including their homosexual tendencies. apparently in this tribe, every man has male "lovers." and tobias did too. after he left the tribe, he worked on a cruise ship giving lectures on the asmat tribe. in the documentary he goes back to the tribe and wears some pretty sweet cut off jean shorts.

anyway, never overlook the documentary section at the video store.. you never know what you will find: homosexual tribes in indoneisa?

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