bronzed beauty... thats me.

im getting a spray tan today. the first one ive ever had. im scared. ive been advised not to get it on my face. but you see, i have to wear a champagne colored dress for ashley's wedding... and well im the same color.

cupcakes i made for greg-man's birfday. strawberry. yum.

alright, im going on a little tropical vacay. see you in about an hour.


Ashley and Jeff said...

You are Martha Stewart.

BrianaCeleste said...

You are so creative! Hope the spray tan went good!

I've never had one either!

:: mollie :: said...

update on the spray tan: it actually wasnt bad at all! it looks really good. my only complaint is that my sandals made some of it rub off on my feet and look kind of splotchy. if you need a quick tan, do it!