heidi and seal live on my porch

the other day, i discovered that two little birds had started building a nest in my hanging plant. i decided i would let it ride and it would be come a biology/art/photography project for me. i named them heidi and seal after my favorite couple, heidi klum and seal. and what do you know, heidi and seal are having another baby!

discovery of the nest

4 little babies!



i bought an extension hook to lower my plant about a foot so that i could see it better (though i still have to stand on my chair to sort of see it). anyway, im afraid i may have freaked heidi out. the above picture is of her when she came back after i lowered the plant. she jumped all around the plant and hung on the edge, chirping every now and then she would fly and sit on my light and fly off. i left the apartment for a couple of hours and i saw her when i came back sitting on the ledge (still looking around) then she flew off. im afraid to go outside and see if shes in the nest. ill check in the morning. but i promise i didnt touch anything!

tweet, tweet.


Memories by Micha said...

Yay So glad you have a blog they are so much fun! Great shots Mollie!

Kellie said...

I love the little birdies! That is so fun.

Ashley and Jeff said...

Great pictures!!! What kind of camerea do you have?

:: mollie :: said...

i have a canon g10. love it!