ive been busy

hey friends!

let me catch you up:

my gymnastics team had their first meet; we won first place out of our session. yay! i made them fortune cookies with personalized fortunes. i think they worked.

i was sick for all of labor day weekend. i didnt move from the couch from saturday until wednesday when i had to go to class. i watched a lot of football, us open, and read my book. greg played nurse and did a very good job. sweet boy.

i got a blackberry and skype. im in the technology world now.

my sweet little nephew was born on 9.9.09 because he is super cool. his name is coy blair joyner weighed in at 8lbs 70z and 21 inches long. yay! i am going next weekend to south carolina to see him.

i can still do a standing back tuck.

tried to go coffee tasting... fail.

two of my class kids at work drew me pictures.

our second gymnastics meet is today. this time i made strawberry cupcakes with nerds as sprinkles. yumm.

the end. tah-tah for now.

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