new adventures of greg and mollie

oh... the adventures were had this weekend.

first thing, i had class at 8:30 in the am on SATURDAY. luckily, we were let out early at 1 pm rather than 3 pm. it was a chilly 46 degrees here in the ham and greg and i decided it would be perfect for shopping. greg needed new jeans, khakis, and a shirt. so many stores and two malls later all was accomplished. we ended our night rooting against alabama since i dont get espnu (which was showing the tragedy of a an auburn game) and had some pizza.

then the real adventures began on sunday. we worked on our first crossword puzzle... it was a team effort but lets just say i was WAY more into it than greg. after deliberation on whether to go to the kentuck festival (folk art festival in tuscaloosa) or going to the mossy rock preserve in hoover, we chose the latter. but did we choose wisely?

we read about the mossy rock preserve in this week's black and white magazine. all we knew is that it looked neat, like something we wanted to do, and there was in entrance at simmons middle school. we loaded up the dogs and drove to hoover. right off the trail we had to cross the stream. the stream was probably up more than usual from all the rain so greg took his shoes and socks off and carried each dog over one at a time, my keys and camera, and then finally me. success. we continue our journey. again we cross the stream 2 more times. one spot, i was very hesitant. it looked like a big jump to the driest rock and i was scared. i was afraid i was going to fall... but it ended up being a piece of cake. we explored "boulder field" which was super neat and took pictures by a pretty waterfall. i wanted to see the big rocks that were in the paper. so we decided to head back to the trail. problem one. where did we cross the stream? well we came to fallen tree crossing the stream. a non-athletic looking couple crossed no problem before us. greg took each dog and my keys. only my keys. then it was me and my camera's turn... for the worst. i hop up on that tree log with all the grace of a past gymnast and cheerleader and down i go into the icy stream below. soaked from the waist down in the freezing cold. embarrassed completely. but it doesnt end there. we get lost. i start to freeze. greg gives me his shorts and hikes in his underwear. finally we come out at a parking lot. ask for directions/ride. no one helps. one mile later in my basketball shorts, greg in his boxer briefs, we arrive at the car. yay, fun.

then we made a fire in the fireplace.


Kellie said...

I enjoyed this blog. since most of my days are spent close to the couch..reading it allowed me to have a little adventure. Thanks. By the way...I look forward to seeing you this weekend. If you make it home in time...the Chataqua wine festival is going on too.

Witness The Fitness said...

Of all the people who would have "lost their balance" and fall into freezing water! I thought gymnasts' had the best balance!?!? Really funny story!

Libbi said...

Hilarious! Love that Greg was in his underwear, so funny! Sounded like a fun weekend. Is your camera ok?

:: mollie :: said...

yeah, i told greg i didnt want people to see me all wet; that i was embarrassed... he said, "its ok, we just wont tell them youre a gymnast."

as for the camera... i dont know. it turned on and i took a picture with it yesterday but it has a lot of sand in it. all i have read online said it probably wont work. ugh...