i dream a terrarium

while it is "snowing" outside... i want to bring some green indoors.
i have been planning on making a terrarium for awhile... maybe i will make one today. they have closed all the schools in the area for this "storm." the so called "snow" isnt even sticking to the ground.
people went crazy at the grocery store as if they were preparing for the apocalypse.

i LOVE snow. i woke up three times last night to check outside to see if it was snowing. the way they were talking on tv, i thought it was going to be like at least a foot of snow. to my despair, not once was there a sign of snow. at about 10 this morning... finally some flurries and then maybe what could be considered snow. though it wasnt gathering on the ground where i live.

in other news... i have had two consecutive dreams of animals attacking or trying to attack me. the first one was an attack skunk. it was tormenting cats and me. it started off just being outside and then it was inside dive bombing me like a terrorist. with much anxiety and trouble to open the door, i escaped from its wrath. then last night, i had a dream of an attack giant lizard. it was laying on a couch at a friends house. i was weary but at first i thought it was cute. then it started to stalk me and sunny. sunny was a little bitty puppy in the dream and there was also a kitten. the lizard was chasing me and the animals. i was trying to keep them from the crazed lizard. then the lizard was biting my back and i was screaming for the owner to help me.
i am still disturbed.

which continent is the flattest?

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