as you can tell by the frequency of posts... i have been busy with student teaching!
i am now known as "miss blackwood."

moments to note:
- handmade card addressed to MRS blackwood
- kindergarten students proclaim i have "hannah montana nails"
- impromptu teaching on second day due to student fight
- new buddy named Mar'Keith
- ive been told about dad's hairy armpits (yes, really)
- and most importantly, lots of hugs!

the kids are sweet (for the most part) and everyone has been so nice. i am tired but its not as bad as i thought it was going to be waking up at 6 everyday and still working at the gym. i cant wear jeans and i have to wear comfortable shoes which are not the cutest ones ever. but i start teaching next week and then i have to teach for two weeks straight! ahhhhhh!

in other news, project runway is back so i must take a shower now because as soon as its over at 10, i must be in bed. ha.

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