birthdays were had

if you didnt already know, i had my 25th birthday. it was all i expected it to be... just another day with more text messages and presents. it started with a kind birminghamian (?) running me off the road on the way to school. but, i did get out of school an hour early, greg came into town, and i ate dinner at california pizza kitchen (or chicken) with my grand parents. i got all my favorite things: cook books, wine, flowers, skinny cows, starbucks, and money. hooray! so it really was great. 

over christmas, my friend hamp and i and his family were talking about age. we all finally came to the consensus that 25 really is younger than we all thought it was going to be. hamp, 27, used to think he would be married and have one kid by now, brut (hamp's brother) thought he would be married and thinking about kids, and i thought i would be married (during my 25th year... not going to happen). hamp's older cousins (who just had their first child at 37) had the same ideas. but kate (cousin) said she really needed her 20's and 30's to figure her life out. it was an interesting and enlightening conversation. as trite as it may be, age really is just a number and personal perception. so im going to stop feeling bad about being 25, still in school, still being supported, and working for an hourly wage. yay!

other events of note: 
papa jack turned 82 yesterday! he celebrated with dinner at logan's roadhouse and probably 6 hours of fox news on repeat. 

he said he had a lot of phone calls and cards. 
happy bday, pj!

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