mid-week jam

some of you may have seen this gem already. 
but those of you that haven't, you're welcome.

this is my cap'n singing a cramps song in the style of charlie feathers.
he's so talented :)
really, he is!
(check out the special effects)

how it came into creation:
greg came to visit and of course i teach all day leaving him to his thoughts. i came home from the school and greg announces that i won't have to get a teaching job because "he's blowing up." he sits down at the computer (me thinking he's showing me an email from a recipient of one of his resumes) and  proceeds to show me this little video. after just talking to a girl at school about our recent grad boyfriends without jobs... i was thinking about jobs. my disappointment didn't lag. i proclaimed, "i thought you had GOOD news." as greg should have been, he was irritated with that statement. but in greg style, he couldn't stay mad for long and nor could i.

more cap'n videos to come.

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