t.m.i. tuesday


my name is mollie and im weird about milk.

my milk rules:
1. i do not share milk from the glass.
2. i do not drink milk within one day of the expiration date.
3. i dig in the milk shelf to find the latest expiration date.
4. only ice cold milk, if it gets above 34 degrees, i dont want it.
5. no skim milk... it looks like dirty water.
6. absolutely no drinking milk from the carton! (greg)
7. if i havent opened the jug in a couple of days...
its no good.
 8. there is no drinking milk from an already used glass and vice versa.
clean glasses only!

 warm milk makes my skin crawl. i dont know how people drink that. that probably explains why i eat ice cream extremely fast... i dont like it to melt.

i think i would be friends with the olsen twins if they ever met me.

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Kellie said...

I'm weird about milk too. It must be in a glass for me to drink it...no plastic, disgusting. I make other people smell it to make sure it is okay to drink, because it always smells "funny" to me. And, I can only dring skim milk, because any other % is too thick and grosses me out. Milk can potentially cause anxiety.