weekend scenes

greg scoping out his next rock.
this weekend, greg and i went to the rock climbing gym!
it was really fun/neat.
it really gives you a workout... especially your hands and fingers.

look at me being hardcore!
just a tad bit scary if you are afraid of heights.

we ate at a new place (to us) in english village.
we sat outside and got a really yummy pizza.

then we finished the night with some coffee and dessert :)

easter sunday it was beautiful out.
we ate lunch at my great aunts.
it was really nice.
funniest part of the meal was when my grandmother and her 3 sisters and 1 sister in law were trying to figure out a date to get together to go through old pictures. my great aunt leaned over to me and said, "see what happens when you get old... you have to coordinate doctor appointments."
then we came back and walked the dogs.

hope the easter bunny was good to you!
i quit the easter bunny years ago when i thought he was hiding behind my bedroom door.
true story.

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