t.m.i. tuesday :: igoogle

i love google. 

it has revolutionized arguments.
no longer do you have a debate about something. you simply say you will "google it." argument solved. google shows both sides of the story and you kind of get to pick.

as crazy as this sounds, i look forward to going to the google homepage everyday to see if they have done something special to the logo. i equate it to going to brusters for ice cream and they have peanut butter puddles; it doesnt always happen but when it does its glorious.

so, just for fun, i kept track of everything i googled in the past few days:

maybe i should google "does google love me?"
just did, the answer is NO.

ps. non-ghetto is a technical term


Kellie said...

No lie....JR and I had a discussion this morning about egg beaters. he claimed that they weren't real eggs, because he is allergic to real eggs. I am just happy to now know for sure...thanks Google! I heart google too!

mollie said...

well, they are real egg WHITES. and then they had fake food coloring, preservatives, and vitamins. so.. they are both fake and real. and all together weird.