weekend scenes :: helen's wedding

flower girl and one of my gymnast, emily

this weekend, my friend helen got married.
she is super awesome and is a coach at the gym where i work.
she was an alabama gymnast and has only known her husband for like 6 months!

there was a lot of paparazzi at the reception...
kendall, ky, mal, becks, helen, michael, tina, whit, moi, jennay
coaches or mountain brook gymnastics!

greg was super pumped to be at another wedding.
he loves them.

we went to the rock climbing gym again.. i really liked it more this time.
i got us a coupon off groupon and it was a good deal.
also, one of my students i had at the high school works there.
he tried to give us some tips.


then later we topped our evening with a trip to the bookstore and dinner at FLIP burger. yum!

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