t.m.i. tuesday :: cornicopia

floss your teeth! they don't get better with age!

what did the fish say when it swam into a wall?

alexander hamilton was first on the $5 bill (he's on the $10 now).

i am moving sometime this week or next week or whenever, but i have done some serious purging and organizing of stuff....
i went through my closet and drawers.
i went through ALL of my magazines and pulled out the pages i wanted to save (except for martha stewart's, i kept the whole mag).
then i put the pages in page protectors and organized them by categories.
i organized all my folders on my computer.
i organized all my internet bookmarks.
i went through all of my school work and threw away more than half!
went through my random pictures and put them in a box.
went through all of my cards (birthday, graduation, thank yous) and put them in a box.
yeah, ive been busy.

k, bye.


Kellie said...

Sounds like Hoarders, only organized...just kidding. Wish I would have read your tip about the flossing about a year ago. and...can't wait til Saturday!

mollie said...

uh yeah. i feel like i am a hoarder right now. i have stacks of magazines, newspapers, bottles, egg cartons... apparently all art teachers are hoarders.