weekend scenes :: party trick

this weekend... i laid by the pool. got a tad bit burnt.
i purged a lot of my belongings... 
and learned how to make that amazing heart out of money.
i feel accomplished.

sunny and i went to mama jo and papa jack's for dinner on sunday. 
sunny played pretty sweet with my two younger (6 and 2 year old) cousins.
sunny doesn't often see people under 5 feet.
therefore, she doesn't know how to act.
but she made me pretty proud. she only made the 2 year old cry once.
yay, sunny!

she's had a lot of exposure to the little people lately... tina brought her niece over last week to help me make a pie and sunny barked her little face off.... for 2 hours straight... 2 days in a row.

baby steps.

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