weekend scenes :: introducing the kents

and another friend gets married...
this time it was kati lanier and will kent.
i met kati our sophomore year at auburn.
we both made cheerleading and pretty much became instant friends.
i met will shortly after.
they started dating a little bit and then kind of dwindled off...
he dated another girl (we had to pretend not to like him or her).
but i wont forget the time we went to chili's and will saw kati (he was with his gf) and he stopped by our table and never took his eyes off of her (not even to speak to me and collier!).
a few months later, kati and will became an item during the summer we have dubbed... the summer of love, 2007 (wade and robert also started dating).

crazy enough, will and kati grew up a few short miles from each other and never knew it until they met at a football game in auburn. and that is where they fell in love, got engaged, and married!

the day begins!

i modeled the bridesmaid dress a la lady gaga.

the rest of the bridesmaids...

and kati with her sister, jami!

here are my new best friends, the flower girls. 

they wanted to take a picture of me with my camera...

but couldn't quite get me in the picture.

my sweet greg made it!

dream come true: photo booth!!!

we had a really good time in auburn. kati's family knows how to plan a wedding... they've had a lot of practice this year (jami got married in october!). 

greg and i hadn't seen each other in 3 weeks so we decided to hang out in auburn on sunday before i had to go back to the birm. 

i hope you had a great weekend!

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