it only took me a month

what up, y'all!

i had to take a month long hiatus. sorry!
but this is what I have done in the last month...

threw a baby shower
went to a couple of weddings
a lot of meetings
early mornings, late nights
wrote lesson plans for 9 grades
started school!!!

here are the afters of my classroom transformation... my mother still has the before pictures.

view to the door from my desk

from my desk to the front
another wall
view from the door and yes the whole room was that yellow
bulletin board that im really proud of :)
kiln "room"


i'm still weirded out that i am the teacher. what? i felt like i was "playing school" on wednesday. i haven't given any spankings yet... just a couple of "talking to-s."

and you can see my classroom blog at cornerartk8.blogspot.com

ok, so i'll try to be better about posting now that i'm getting things under control... but thanks for your patience! ha

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