last weekend

after a super long week at school, greg and i decided to meet in auburn for a 24 hour vacation. it is not quite halfway but pretty convenient for both of us. we didn't do any planning but after calling everyone we knew in the area, bed and breakfasts, and hotels... we finally found room in the inn: the hilton garden inn.

we bot arrived late afternoon/early evening on saturday and went to dinner at one of my fav's, amsterdam cafe! we elected to sit outside (we didn't want to wait for a loud table in the crowded inside). outside was quiet... and hot. and there was one fan on the whole porch. greg tried to convince the waiter to move it after a selfish family moved the only fan to point only on them. 

after din din we went to visit one of greg's good buddies that interestingly enough lives in my old apartment (next door to greg's old apartment). it was surreal.

on sunday we went to brunch at hamilton's and greg got a massive omelet. he's crazy about his protein. then we went to the prize of opelika, angels flea market and antique mall. it opens at 1 on sundays. we got there a little early bc we had nothing else to do. apparently, people plan their sundays around the opening of angels. when we pulled up, there was a line of eager people at the door. greg and i marveled at the sight and estimated the number of smokers in the bunch. 
we tried to hit the whole store but it is nearly impossible in the time frame we gave ourselves, an hour and a half. but greg did score some super vinyl records and i got some metal birds. it is one of our auburn pastimes. 

i love my barry manilow!
overall, it was a short but fun weekend. felt very vacationy. greg and i hadn't seen each other in three weeks so any time together was worth it. the whole weekend we talked about how much we love auburn and how it was the perfect location for our 24 vacation.

oh, i forgot to mention that a lady walked in on me in the bathroom at starbucks. i could see everyone ordering in line... that's how wide open she opened the door. when she finally closed the door and i composed myself again... i walked out and told her to "watch out... apparently the door doesn't lock."

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