where shopping is a pleasure

i just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite grocery store, PUBLIX!.. i love publix... its always so clean inside, they play good music, i love their packaged fruit... i love it all. all the employees are happy to be there (at least they do a good job acting)... they are always so friendly and helpful... they always help unload groceries for old people and if they arent busy, they help me too... multiple times they have gotten my cart from me when im done at the car... and they always have a policeman outside the store... i definitely feel safe and its always a great experience...

chick-fil-a is also another place where they are always friendly and "happy to serve you."

what is publix and chick-fil-a doing for their employees that other places are not? we have all been to a store, restaurant, what have you, that the employees are completely rude and pissed that you are even there... so what is it? the management? the environment? the benefits? screening of employees?

so i have concluded that they must be magicians because people are cynical and dont really want to work.

keep on, keepin' on publix and chick-fil-a!

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