first day of hell, i mean grad school

today was my first day of grad school.... i had two three hour classes.... and trust me we stayed the WHHOOOLLLLEEEE time... my first class was content area reading... what is that you ask? i ask the same question..... that class was so confusing! and this white trash guy started an argument with the teacher at the end of class about who knows what... but it involved him saying "thats not how they do it at montevallo!" and "YOU need to tell the dean to stop lying to their students!"...

my next class which meets from 7:15-9:45pm is survey of special education... the teacher is a really funny black lady named rita brown... she is really sweet and has worked in special education for twenty something years... but some of the students in the class should be in special education classes NOT learning about special education... thats all im saying!

what have i got myself into?

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